ISBN: 978-1-105-19884-7

Cover By: Graphic Art Designer: Daveda Gruber

Embark on the Artistry of Poetry with a superb new-comer to the world of published poets. Her book won a publishing contest and was picked as the winner amongst world famous peers who thought that she deserved a book of her own. Read poetry from her soul as she proves this Australian born poet’s amazing poetic skills. Take a journey with her, through some happy and also devastating moments from her life.

Nov. 2, 2011

By Publishing with Passion

In this Sue Ellen first book we see her poetry with true feelings and emotion. We experience her great love for Australia but also see her love for the United States. She takes us on a beautiful journey but do not forget to have tissues on hand when you read about the losses of her babies. The graphic art work is designed specifically for this book by Daveda Gruber and enhances the poetry extremely well. This book shows Newman’s beautiful poetic talent for the written word.


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