ISBN: 9781312083868

Cover Design by: Daveda Gruber

America began as a country of immigrants. Some of the first settlers here came from across the Atlantic Ocean, from Ireland and Scotland. These people sacrificed much as they traveled the stormy seas to reach a land where they could be free. This book is about some of these people and their courage to start a new life in a new land. They fought Indian tribes here who were not willing to share their land and the British who wanted exclusive control.


This book is historically true and has all the elements to keep anyone’s attention. You will find yourself immersed with a family as they begin their voyage to a new land and feel their hardships and their joy. You will experience love, family, children and the Church that meant so much to their freedom.


There are historical references included. Sit back and watch times gone by unfold before your eyes as the Creighton family make America their new found home as you turn the pages of history.

If you love true stories about real people in history who lived on this earth and traveled from Ireland and Scotland to America to elude persecution from the British only to encounter the Cherokee Warriors and the British again, you are in for a really big treat. Besides the journey, there is love and family. You’ll meet the descendants of the author Philip Creighton. They came to America and had to fight for their freedom, which was something they cherished greatly. This book is filled with joy, grief and sorrow, love and so much more. I got so involved in this family’s lives that I dreamed about them at night. The characters shine throughout the book. You will meet heroes and friendly people who will take you with them on this awesome trip and the making of a new world and life.